Let us take you through the incredible growth story of the company that is changing the way India eats!

To learn about this, we will look at the growth in three key aspects - the number of restaurant partners, the number of order completed, and of course, the most important - the number of Delivery partners!

Let's rewind back to August 2014 when Swiggy began.

Did you know, the founders of Swiggy were its first 3 delivery partners! And the grand total of the orders completed on the first day of Swiggy's launch was zero!

But with hard work and dedication, things picked up, and at the end of the first month, this is what the scoreboard looked like:

5 Restaurant partners
35 Orders in the month
3 Delivery Partners

At the first anniversary in August 2015, the number looked like this:

2,000+ Restaurant partners
2.3 Lakh Orders in the month
3,600+ Delivery Partners

And fast forward to October 2017:

19,000+ Restaurant partners
44+ Lakh Orders in the month
19,000+ Delivery Partners

Come, join Swiggy and help change the way India eats.