Insurance for you and your family

For Swiggy, it is very important that our Delivery Partners and their near and dear ones are cared for and looked after. That is why, all PDPs and their families are covered under both Medical insurance and Accident Insurance. The sum total of the insured amounts is Rs.6,00,000 (six lakhs).


Incredible incentives

In addition to earning for each delivery you complete, you earn various attractive incentives on

a daily, weekly, monthly basis as well as special incentives. These are designed to help you meet your financial aspirations, as you can earn more than in any other bike fleet.


Want a new bike at attractive rates? Swiggy is the place to be!

With special partnerships with leading 2-wheeler companies, Swiggy’s exclusive leasing and rental programs for our PDPs will help you save on unwanted costs while you upgrade your 2-wheeler.


Super rewards

Top-performing PDPs are always recognised and rewarded, be it for excellent performance, being a loyal Swiggy PDP, or for punctuality. On special occasions, bumper prizes such as bikes, gold coins, refrigerators, microwave ovens and flat-screen TVs, to name a few, await you!


Your second home

At Swiggy, our partners are our family, and any of the PDPs will tell you about the special moments they spend with the Swiggy family of managers and fellow PDPs, celebrating major festivals together, regular meetings to share experiences and building valuable friendships.


So, what are you waiting for? We welcome you to the Swiggy family – join us today!